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TMNT- A Werewolf Upon Us by TheFallingpiano TMNT- A Werewolf Upon Us by TheFallingpiano
Base ([link]) (c) ~MeSadChild

TMNT (c) Mirage Studios

Dorian (c) Me

I changed it slightly but, you get the point... :shrug:
Also, it would have been all four main turtles but, I couldn't be asked....:iconmiseryplz: I'm lazy ._.

The night was young and yet the turtle brothers were already neck deep in trouble. Baxter Stockmen had once again gone on an onslaught to attack and destroy the Turtles for The Shredder once and for all.
Explosions had gone of all over the buildings and Scientists were running around like crazy, some trying to escape but, most were trying to get all the information to a safer destination.
“This place is about to explode…” Donatello looked to his fearless leader, who was at the moment busy fighting Baxter’s new robot machine.
“I know, I know…Quick, Mikey, Raph…We got to get going…” Leonardo explained as Raphael looked to him. “Yeah, Yeah, in a sec I got heads to crush…” the hot headed turtle growled. “Now Raph, before this place explodes…” Leonardo commanded running for the exit as Donny & Mikey followed. Raphael looked to his brother, then the exploding building around.
“Shell!” he growled running off as the turtles escaped the building to the roof tops running off in search of the closest manhole. Mikey looked behind him as he jumped into a manhole.
The brothers were walking back the hideout as Leo argued with Raph. “We should have escaped ages before…without the needed explosion…” Leo growled. “Well, I apologize oh fearless leader but, some heads needed busting…” Raph growled. “It’s always with exploding things with you…” Leo turned to the red masked turtle as Donny stepped between them.
“Alright guys, stop fighting, it’s over now…” he explained as the Leo and Raph sighed. “I don’t think so…” Mikey who had been to focused on something else took out his nun chucks looking to the group. “What are you talking about, you’re imagining…” Leo sighed as Mikey shook his head. “Something’s there I know it…” Mikey explained walking towards it as the others sighed following.
Something launched out, jumping on Mikey’s head as it leaped of him back into the shadows as Mikey fell back. “I told you…” said the turtle as he hit the ground. “What the hell was that?!” Raph growled taking out his Twin Sai as the turtles prepared for another battle. “Turtles be prepared…” Leonardo explained as a massive claw launched past them, the creature followed kicking the group as it jumped back into the shadows.
“Quick the lights!” Donny suggested, running towards the lights as he and Mikey switched the lights and what appeared to be a turtle appeared running across the ceiling, it dropped falling to the ground, holding its head as it turned around and barked at the 4 brothers. “What are you doing here!?” Raphael growled as the creature withdrew into itself hiding behind a wolf like tail. “Talk damn it, you crept into our house and attacked us and then…” Leonardo begun.
“Turtles, Stop!” A voice commanded as the four green mutants turned seeing none other then their Sensei. “Master Splinter…” the four bowed to him moving to the side. “And who is this?” asked the mutant rat looking to the little creature on the ground.
“We don’t know…He crept into our layer and attacked us…” Raph growled as Master Splinter walked forward approaching the little creature who looked up to him, shaking he was clearly scared. Splinter crouched going onto one knee, looking to the creature. “Do you understand us?” A soft voice asked as the creature nodded, looking to him. “Who are you and where are you from?” he asked as the creature looked to him.
“M-my name is Do-Dorian…an-and I’m fr-from the lab…th-that I saw th-them in…” the creature explained as he moved his tail, revealing he was mostly mutant turtle. “So, why are you here?” Splinter asked. “Th-the Lab, all the sounds…I heard explosions, it was being destroyed…I did-didn’t know what to do…S-so I followed them…” Dorian explained as Splinter sighed.
“Come on Dorian follow me…” He explained helping the little mutant turtle up, as the kid followed Splinter, explaining more about how he came to be at the laboratory.

Days passed…
Months passed…..
Years passed…
Dorian was 15years of age, the other four were reaching 17years old but, the 5 boys were as close as family. Dorian joked and skateboarded with Michelangelo, getting into trouble a few times for skateboarding in the layer. The 15year-old argued with Raphael & Leonardo believing he was better at combat then them, he even tried to understand Donatello’s take on technology, even trying to invent his own weapon which predictably blew up in his face, causing a mass of hysterics around the Sewers, one in which even Master Splinter participated in.
Although to the 4 brothers noticing, there was something wrong with this turtle, he was somewhat different then them. They’d gotten over the fact he had hair, unlike them who were all bald but, still good looking. They’d even gotten over the long bushy wolfs tail, that took time but, mutants come in all different shapes, sizes and species…no that was all fine. Something they hadn’t gotten over is why on some nights they were restricted from leaving the Sewers but, Dorian was able to leave free of will with no quarrel from Splinter and then returned the next morning so tiered he was unable to walk and collapsed on the stairs or even floor, unable to move for hours it seemed.
This was one of those nights, Dorian had left the Sewers early, the other were unable to, Master Splinter’s orders and curiosity mixed with jealousy was stirring.
“Why is he always aloud to go out on these nights and we are ‘restricted’ from leaving the Sewers?” Raphael growled as he paced around the sitting room, clearly annoyed if not a bit jealous that another turtle, new to their home was give more freedom then he.
“I don’t know Raph but, we must respect Splinter’s words…” Leonardo explained sighing, truthfully he wanted to know what was going on but, did not want to disobey Splinter’s orders. “Isn’t it strange how he’s always leaving and returning so tiered and beaten up Leo” Raph asked as Leo shook his head. “Training I guess…” Leo sighed.
“It’s logical but, he’s never told us anything about the previous nights or where he’s going before…He has so many secrets hidden from us…” Donatello was as curious as his brothers. “Maybe, it could be…but, it doesn’t matter because unless he tells us we’re not going to find out…” Leonardo tried to move of topic.
“Hey look!” Mikey, who had been flicking channels called as his brothers turned to see the news was on. “Breaking News here in the high street of Manhattan. A mysterious creature has attacked the streets, attacking people and destroying most of the buildings around…Eye witnesses suggest this creature is a mutant with a wolf like appearance, we’re not to sure right now but, when we know more…So will you…” The reporter explained as the four turtles looked to each other.
“He has never liked the humans…” Donatello started. “And, we did find him at that laboratory building where Baxter Stockmen was at…” Michaelangelo added. “…I bet he’s got some connection with The Foot, that’s why he won’t tell us and keeps sneeking off at night!” Raphael growled as Leonardo waved his hands.
“Alright all of you stop it, we’ve known Dorian for 6-7 years…and we know he’s not the type to fight alongside criminals…We know how much he hates them” Leo explained, sighing he went to walk off, to think…He was NOT disobeying Splinter’s commands.
“…What if innocent people are hurt because of something we can stop Leo?” Raphael asked as their leader paused, sighing.
Later on. “Remember we’re here only to survey and check things out…” Leo explained as the Turtles ran across the building roofs in search for Dorian although, half an hour later and they had no luck.
“He’s not here…” Mikey explained looking around as the four paused sighing. “We’re not going to find him and we got to get back before Splinter sees…” Leonardo explained. Raphael sighed, he and Donny were also beginning to think they’d never find the Dorian.

“HELP!!!!!!!!” A voice screamed as the four turned, a lady ran through the streets followed by something, they could not see as it hid in the shadows.
“Dorian! Quick follow him!” Leo commanded as the four brothers begun their chase after the lady, who turned into a ally, coming to a dead-end as she fell to the ground on her hands and knees crying as something got closer just when the four brothers dropped down, weapons out and ready for battle.
“Alright Dorian! This has to stop now!” Leo commanded as the figure walked into the light of the lamppost looking to them.
“U-Uhm Leo, that’s not Dorian!!” Mikey shouted as the turtles cowered in the sight of what seemed a massive Werewolf.
The beast roared angrily bearing fangs and claws as it launched for the turtle brothers as the scattered, Leonardo grabbed the now fainted lady running past the massive beast as the other three distracted it.
Once the lady was safe the four brothers battled bravely attacking the creature, Raphael’s Sai cut deeply across the creatures eye as one of Leonardo’s Ninjaken cut across it’s arm. Both Donatello and Michaelangelo hit the creature with their weapons as the beast, cut across them, throwing the turtles about and breaking Donny’s bo staff and one of Leonardo’s swords barking and growling as it roared and the four turtles were forced into having to retreat or be the beast’s meal, they ran for the closest manhole as the creature disappeared back into the city, terrorizing more of the citizens.
The Next Morning…
Raph, Leo, Mikey and Donny were eating their meal talking amongst each other when a sound was heard from the entrance as Dorian stumbled in. Leo and Donny ran over to stop Dorian from falling to the ground.
“Dude are you okay?” mikey asked as Dorian weakly looked to them. Raph paused as he nudged Leo, who looked to him.
“I-I-I’m fine…Just minor trouble last night…” Dorian explained walking off back to his room.
Once they knew he was gone, Raphael looked to his brothers. “Did you see that!” “See what?” Asked Donny and Mikey, slightly confused. “He had a cut across his eyes…”. Raph explained.
“And his whole arm…” Leonardo added as Donny and Mikey looked to their brothers. “You don’t think?” Mikey begun. “No…It’s scientifically impossible…” Donnatello shook his head, he knew otherwise.
“What about us…We’re new creations…Think about it Donny, everything seems to start to add up…” Donny looked to Raph although shook his head, there was no way he’d believe it. “I don’t believe you…” He ran off towards his room, to his computer knowing there had to be an explanation as the other three looked to each other sighing.
The next evening…
Splinter had left the Sewers to meet up with an old friend for a game of chess, his human friend was blind and did not know Splinter’s true identity so they talked as if equals, leaving the boys alone. He explained that Dorian may leave the Sewers like normal but, the others were restricted…Nothing new there then.
Tonight was different though.
Dorian made his way towards the exit, so he may leave the Sewers and attend to his businesses when, Raphael appeared at the exit, stopping him.
“So where are you going?” The hot headed turtle asked as Dorian looked to him. “Just out, I’ll be back by morning, Master Splinter knows already…” he went to leave but, found that Raph was not moving.
“So, where do you go every night?” Leonardo appeared looking to Dorian as well. “Just out to attend to business…I told you, I can’t explain everything…” Dorian explained, cautious not to spill a word or break character.
“Why not stay tonight, I’m sure I can beat you high score?” Michelangelo suggested as Dorian looked to him. “I would but, hey look at the time…I got to go out”. “And do what? Why is it so secret you can’t tell us?! ” Raph asked.
“Tell you what? I got nothing to hide” Dorian explained, hesitant now. “Then why do you leave on such random times of the month?” Leonardo asked. “And why is it we’re unable to?” Mikey asked as Dorian was moved back away from the exit, not by force but, the others were getting close and he didn’t want to be too close to them.
“Guys, this is serious…I got to go now!” Dorian explained as Raphael looked to him. “Oh, so now it’s serious…What’re you hiding?” He asked as Dorian moved back to where the outside was visible only slightly. Dorian suddenly hunched forward holding his stomach. “I-I ca-can’t tell you j-just tru-trust me…” He explained as he clenched his fists.
The three looked to him. “Dorian what’s wrong why can’t you tell us?” Leonardo asked as Dorian snarled snapping at them. “Because I can’t!” He growled moving back as he snapped back, his body cracking as he howled before dropping to the ground as his body cracked and twisted. It was changing shape!
“What’s happening to him, Leo?” Mikey asked, slightly worried now as the three moved back. “Wh-what is he?” Raph asked, he shuddered on the sounds of cracking bones blood that oozed out of nail ends. “I-I don’t know?” Their not so fearless leader gulped his arms lifted out in front of Mikey and Raph getting them to move back as he did just when Donatello burst into the room.
“He’s a mutant Werewolf!!” Donny shouted. “A what?” asked the other three.
"A Werewolf…and he’s going to kill us all if we don’t do something” It was Splinter, standing at the entrance. “Master Splinter…” said the turtles in Unison. “We didn’t-” Leonardo begun although, Splinter raised his hand, he was more concerned with what was becoming of Dorian.
“We shall speak about this later…Now, quickly…get him to the Vault…before the transformation is complete.” He explained as the Four brothers helped to lift Dorian towards the Vault as Dorian fell into the Vault to his knees, Splinter went to close the door as bright yellow eyes looked up desperately to him, trying to maintain their own sanity.
“I-I’m sorry, Ma-master…” A pain stricken voice was forced out of Dorian’s mouth before he roared in pain, Splinter shut the door sighing as a massive weight slammed against the vault door.

Later on, with the transformation complete, the werewolf was crashing into the side of doors and roaring, punching and clawing anything in it’s sight to try and break out.
Meanwhile, the four brothers were on their knees in the training room, Master Splinter paced in front of them, from one side of the room to the other. He seemed hurt to hear that sound, the roars of the creature locked in the vault before pausing.
“What have I told you, that Dorian is to leave when ever he wishes…but, you stopped him from doing so!” Anger was burning in his eyes, but pain mixed and twisted into another colour with it. “This is one rule I asked you to obey and you didn’t…Do you not see the consequences of defying my commands?!” the Sensei asked as his students looked to the ground.
“We apologize Master Splinter, our curiosity overpowered out way of thinking…” Leonardo was the first to speak for his team. “And look what it has done!” Splinter snapped, throwing out his arm, to the wall. The Vault was about 7thick walls down but, the sounds of scratches, barking and banging could still be heard quite clearly.
“…W-we just wanted to know…Why you’ve hidden it from us” Raphael looked to Splinter.
“Would you have treated Dorian with the same trust and equality as you do now?” Splinter asked but, the turtles did not answer. “…Though we are mutants others lurk among us…some more powerful and dangerous then we could ever imagine…Dorian is one of those powerful beings…”.
“A werewolf? But, what are they?” Michalangelo asked as Splinter nodded.
“They are a powerful creature under the influence of very rarely the spawn of ones inability to control a severe rage but, more likely the Full Moon, when the light strikes the eye, one’s soul is trapped, lost even in mystery and pain for that period of time they change. On the outside they’re different, strong and mighty beasts with no other instinct but to kill and eat all who enter it’s sight…” Splinter explained, he seemed to know quite a lot about them.
“But, they’re myths…For Halloween, to scare younglings…How did they become real?” Donatello wanted to know, he had never thought such thing was possible. “How did you come to live? By mutation…” Splinter explained. “He’s a mutant…A turtle?” Leonardo asked.
Splinter shook his head. “No, Dorian was not born a turtle…Dorian is a wolf, you have seen by his hair, his tail…He was captured by The Foot and mutated on…to create an elite super soldier, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, one that would live with us, merging into our home before finally killing us at the right moment…but, Dorian proved to me he was different…He told me of The Shredder’s ‘Super Soldier’ plan and although, at first I was weary, Dorian has proved time and time over again to be nothing to The Shredder’s expectations ” he explained looking to the turtles.
“But, how can you trust something like that?” Raphael asked. “I know how you feel turtles you are weary…You believe that as much as Dorian tries he is not going to contain his beast within but, Dorian has come to me many times with the same problem…He trained in Material Arts and Yoga to calm his most toughest rage…He has provided me with the means to…if it ever came to end his Terror permanently, one I do not wish upon him. Trust in the turtle for he may turn into something that is uncontrollable and seemingly indestructible but, Dorian is no monster…”
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