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Xiaolin Showdown oc - Kaidan Wolfe by TheFallingpiano Xiaolin Showdown oc - Kaidan Wolfe by TheFallingpiano
Did a character trade with :iconsunsrain: and was given Kaidan, I was able to redesign him and give him a different outfit. I think this fits better for him, personally. 
Kaidan base -->… (c) XS-Is-The-Shiz
Information sheet -->… (c) AnodizedPink
Kaidan original design -->… (c) SunsRain
The Cage of Kazan Shen Gong Wu -->… (c) Xilex90
Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christi Hui

I keep adding information to Kaidan's Bio, I don't know why :shrug: 

EDIT: So, I was doing research and realized I made a stupid mistake about Kaidan's age, making him 572 years old does not match with the fact Chaucer lived in from 1340-1400  ^^;
So, I've corrected it by changing his age. Shouldn't do too much to his character. I do apologize for such a stupid mistake :iconotlplz: 

Basic Information

Full Name: Kaidan Odais Wolfe
Translation/Pronunciation: Kay-Dan / Oh-Day-Ass / Wolf
Nicknames: Kay, mutt, furball

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Athletic build and rather muscular due to his werewolf traits, Kaidan is also slightly more hairy then the average human, again due to his werewolf traits.
Personality: Kaidan first and foremost lacks the ability to sympathize, and therefore he can come across as self-centered, defiant, and at times just plain rude, but he is also highly intelligent, analytic and determined.
If you knock him down, he will get back up again and fight for it until he gets what he wants.  
To get what he wants, he is willing to do what ever it takes, including taking advantage of others emotional status, threatening or even hurting them in order to attain his goal.
He does not believe in the concept of love anymore, and truly believes it is a pointless, unneeded 'human' desire. To get what he wants though, he is not above flirting even if it ends up hurting someone
In rare occasions, he will except the help of others. (For example, excepting Master Fung's offer to help learn to rely on his element rather then his werewolf form)
Emotional Qualities: Set goals and desires. He knows what he wants.
Emotional Flaws: Quick to anger, growls a lot and will go quiet if he doesn't want to talk. 
Relationship Status: Single
Real Age: 752 years old
Age Appearance: 19
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Birthday: May 28
Death-day: N/A
Birthplace: Italy - Venice

Species: Hereditary Werewolf
Ethnicity: Italian / Greek / English
Dominant Descendant(s): N/A
Descendant(s): N/A
Native Language: Italian
Languages Spoken: Italian / English (but tends to spell in Chaucer English) / Chinese(Mandarin) / Latin (slightly) & he can also write in Kanji. 
Blood Type: AB-
Preferred Hand: Left Handed
Height: 5''8
Weight: 157lbs
Facial Type: soft square
Physical Description: Teenager's build, but both muscular and athletic. He has long pointy ears and triangles under his eyes. A few deep scars across his back from silver weapons and wolves bane.
Physical Qualities: Very strong and durable build.
Physical Flaws: Animalistic features make him less approachable by humans
Eye Color: Baby blue (werewolf are golden)
Hair Color: Red
Skin Tone: Tan

Stats: (10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest - with 60 points available) 

Strength: 10/10 - Being a Werewolf, his strength exceeds human capabilities, and his magic increases his strength further. 
Speed: 6/10 - He is only slightly faster then the average human.
Intelligence: 8/10 - Contrary to werewolf stereotypes, Kaidan is quite intelligent 
Defense: 4/10 - His electricity manipulation is a form of highly offensive combat and therefore leaves his defensive abilities somewhat lacking. 
Endurance: 9/10 - While he can not defend to save his life, Kaidan's endurance and pain threshold is almost impossibly high, he can absorb most attacks and keep battling past even the capability of his own species. 
Accuracy: 5/10 - Some targets you hit, some targets you miss. :shrug:
Charisma: 7/10 - A very charismatic wolf, otherwise how would he manipulate others, hmm?~
Recklessness: 11/10 - What makes him dangerous, is that he will do absolutely anything in order to achieve his goals. 

Xiaolin/Heylin Affiliation

Affiliation: Heylin?
Kaidan is torn between whether he should except his werewolf form and be a Heylin Demon or learn to rely on his element and become a Xaiolin Monk. He often swings towards the Heylin side, believing he is useless without his werewolf abilities.
Element: Electricity
Orion Color: N/A
Heylin Magic (basic understanding) - Kaidan does possess the ability to use Heylin Magic - haven stolen Heylin magic capabilities from his uncle but after relying solely on his physical strength and his immortality to keep him alive for so long, Kaidan has not trained in Heylin Magics for over 2 to 3 hundred years, therefore unlike Chase, his Magical attributes are untrained, unpredictable and somewhat lacking in strength - He also does not posses the patience needed to use them properly.
Basic abilities he knows: 
:bulletred: Basic teleportation - He cannot teleport far and can only go to places he has been to before, but it ensures an emergency escape.
:bulletred: Telekenisis - At times, he can often communicate with others who possess Heylin Magic.
:bulletred: Limited object materialization - Shen Gong Wu that he owns, he can make appear and disappear from his hand, allowing him to safely store his Wu and use it whenever needed.
:bulletred: Wall & Water walking - He could walk on water without much trouble, though he cannot stay still for very long. He can also maintain balance on vertical surfaces for a short amount of time without much trouble.
Electric Manipulation: The user can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.
Electrokinetic Combat: The user is able to utilize electricity manipulation with physical combat, granting them impressive offensive capabilities, while sometimes leaving their defensive abilities somewhat lacking.
Werewolf Transformation: The user can morph into superior, more powerful versions of oneself, in Kaidan's case that is his werewolf form. His werewolf physiology also alters his human form slightly.
Regeneration: Stolen from his younger sister, when out of battle Kaidan has the ability to regenerate his wounds and even lost wounds. In his werewolf form, he can even refit his head back on.
Shen Gong Wu detection: An ability stolen from his elder brother. In his werewolf form, Kaidan is able to sniff out activated Shen Gong Wu and track them. He is also drawn to the smell of Shen Gong Wu.
Superhuman Physiology: Those with this ability are able to posses the body, strength, speed, and health that is greater than that of the average human. Kaidan also gains abilities that are supernatural due to being a Werewolf.
Superhuman Strength: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally stronger than their race because their capabilities are pushed to the superhuman level; making them immensely stronger than normal members of their species even if they do not appear it.
Superhuman Agility: Due to his werewolf physiology, his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels.
Superhuman Reflexes:His reflexes are enhanced in a similar manner in the fact he can sense and dodge some incoming attacks.
Enhanced senses: Due to Werewolf physiology, he has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and/or feel more than an average human even when he is a human.
Elemental Deflection:With the use of electricity manipulation, he was able to deflect two of the four elemental attacks (water & Wind), but Earth blocked his electricity and also had a higher damage deal against him than any of the other elements. Fire remains at normal damage.
Power Absorbing: The user can steal powers from others, taking those powers permanently. This kills the other person. Kaidan can only steal powers from those within his bloodline.
Attack List: N/A

Signature Wu: Lunar Locket - Whoever possesses it can control the phases of the moon.
Wudai Weapon: N/A
Elemental Wu: Thorn of Thunderbolts - It shoots out a huge and powerful lightning bolt.
Origin: Kaidan was born a Hereditary werewolf, but infused with a lightning energy, passed down the family line, when his werewolf form killed his father, the last holder of the electric manipulation ability in his family, he also stole his father's immortality.
Ability: Kaidan is still an apprentice due to the fact he was sealed for 100 years in the Shen Gon Wu, The Cage of Kazan.

:bulletred: Kaidan is weakened by silver and wolves bane.
:bulletred: Silver renders him useless in combat, and wolves bane although unable to kill him, makes him ill and unacceptable to illness, also dampening his abilities. 
:bulletred: He can be trapped in a circle of mountain ash.
:bulletred: He loses his Heylin magic, his electrokenis and other abilities becomes uncontrollable during the Heylin Eclipse and his werewolf form even shifts without his control.
:bulletred: When his temper gets the better of him, he loses complete control of his actions.
:bulletred: In his werewolf form, Kaidan is unable to use any form of Shen Gong Wu, except the Lunar Locket and thorn of thunderbolts.
:bulletred: Heylin Magic and electric manipulation do not work when in a circle of mountain ash. 
:bulletred: Wolves bane cause's Heylin Magic to become ridiculously uncontrollable. 
:bulletred: Sparks when infected with wolves bane.

:bulletred: Immortality - Users possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off most kinds of physical damage. he is the regenerative type, where he has to survive a battle and then alow his body to quickly recover from injuries.
Kaidan gained immortality upon absorbing his father's electrokenis ability and with it the immortality, his father turned to Stone without the immortality to keep him alive, having lived for over 1500 years.

Restrictions: Cut of his head - and he dies.
:bulletred: This only works when he's in human form, in werewolf form he can just place it back on his shoulders and it will regenerate. He can talk normally even when his head is not attached to his body. 
:bulletred: Head can only be cut off with a silver weapon. 

Association With Others

:bulletred: (Kaidan's Step-father) Alexander Odais Wolfe - An immortal human with the ability of electrokenisis passed down from his own father. He died when Kaidan's werewolf form absorbed his Electrokenisis and Immortality.
:bulletred: (Kaidan's uncle) Monty Tarbolton - Monty was a well known Heylin warrior of his time and unlike his brother, decided being evil was better than getting a job. Though, hellbent on gaining more power, Monty tried to steal Kaidan's werewolf abilities when the boy was 12 years of age, Kaidan - with the assistance of Luka and Riley - managed to kill his uncle before Monty killed him and unknowingly absorbed the Heylin magic. To protect his siblings from harm, Kaidan took the blame for killing Monty.
:bulletred: (Kaidan's Mother) Johanna Tarbolton - A Hereditary Werewolf. She was killed by Kaidan's werewolf form when she tried to save Alexander and Riley.
:bulletred: (Kaidan's younger half sister) Riley Wolfe - The werewolf gene was not passed down to Kaidan's sister. Instead, Riley received magical abilities from her father such as psychic abilities and regeneration. Kaidan's werewolf form killed his sister, but he only managed to absorb her Regeneration ability.
:bulletred: (Kaidan's Older half brother) Luka Wolfe - He was the only survivor other then Kaidan and spent his life tracking his brother as a werewolf hunter. Kaidan killed his older brother in battle and absorbed the ability to sniff out Shen Gong Wu from him.

Friends: Likes teasing Omi if you can class that as a friend.
Idols: Master Fung (for his knowledge) & Chase Young (for his ability to control Kaidan's werewolf form)
Love Interest(s): N/A [Subject to Change]
Rival(s): Jack Spicer / Wuya / Chase Young / Hannibal Roy Bean / Xiaolin Monks
Enemies: Alexander Odais Wolfe & Katnappé

About the Character

Biography: To Be Added

Hobbies: Collecting Shen Gong Wu /playing around in a large field / Sleeping under a tree / Manipulating and playing tricks on others.
Talents: High Pain Threshold / can track Shen gong Wu in his werewolf form
Likes: Being 'Top dog' / Fighting / Using Shen Gong Wu / training / Relaxing / Wanton Destruction / lollies / chaos and destruction  / power 
Dislikes: Being treated like and animal or pet / being outsmarted / talking about his past / losing his self control, and cats, especially big cats. too many times he's been attacked by Chase Young's jungle cats.
Hates: Alexander Odais Wolfe (his step-father) / Katnappé / Having his freedom stolen from him. 
Pet Peeves: When he gets called a dog or a fur ball. Someone insults his species or treats him like a simple house pet.
Fear(s): Cages (especially The Cage of Kazan - A cage that holds the opponent trapped inside until the user's decision to free them or the use of the Reversing Mirror or the Serpents tail) / Clowns & the Circus (when he was younger, his werewolf form was used a circus act, where people laughed at him and made him do this day he hates the circus and even has a slight fear of it) 
Eating Habits: Carnivore though he did try to eat Dyris once...who is technically classed as a fish
Favorite Color(s): Royal Purple
Favorite Food: Any kind of meat. Alive or Dead. Raw or Cooked.
Favorite Animal: Wolves, Frogs and Turtles
Habits/Mannerisms: Roles eyes a lot, sniffs the air when he is somewhere unfamiliar. His ears involuntarily twitch when he is lying. Grinds teeth when angry. A lot of people laughing tends to make him flinch (only due to the whole circus thing).Tends to call females Love it's a habit he can't seem to remove 
Scent: Smells like a wet Dog

Kaidan's Werewolf ability:

On Nights where it is the full Moon, Kaidan loses all self control and becomes a primal terror, destroying, killing and eating everything in his path. His  werewolf form is reckless and destructive and will literally attack anyone he sees. The Werewolf does not care for the life of others and fights for himself. He can talk but chooses not to, often growling, snarling, roaring and barking at enemies. Normally the Werewolf is uncontrollable, but has been controlled by Chase Yong & Hannibal Roy Bean.

When the Lunar Locket is used to raise the Moon, Kaidan retains some awareness of his conscious state and will battle as if normal, but is angered more easily and will lash out quicker then in human form. He talks more in this form, but most sentences unless well thought about have hardly any cohesion. The werewolf is able to control electricity in this form but, is unable to use any Shen Gong Wu other then the Thorn of Thunderbolt & The Lunar Locket. He has been calmed down before by Master Fung.
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